VCIA unveils new digital platform for its annual conference


VCIA unveils new digital platform for its annual conference

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) Conference has picked a new virtual conference platform, Matrix BeSpeake Virtual Meeting Platform, to host its annual event in August, which will be held virtually again in 2021.

VCIA said the BeSpeake technology allows attendees to search for each other easily, chat amongst themselves and use an in-built video meeting room with appointment scheduling functionality.

The VCIA has dropped its traditional Exhibit Hall for the 2021 event in favour of Solution Labs, where companies demonstrate how they are tackling particular challenges they face. 

“Your lab will be custom branded and has interactive ways for you to connect with potential clients,” VCIA explained. Like an exhibit space it can be staffed to allow people to stop by, but it will also contain a custom branded Speakeasy Room where exhibitors can video chat and network with up to 14 people face to face, with up to 100 in the room.  

“Solution Labs are interactive and dynamic and will give you a professional presence at the 2021 VCIA Conference,” the VCIA said. 

VCIA will also host Ignite Talks, Ted Talk-style presentations where service providers can pitch ideas to the captive community attending the conference. 

Service providers that do not want to host a Solution Lab or Ignite can use a poster area, where service providers can display materials about their services and contact information. 

VCIA’s annual conference will be held from August 10–12, 2021.

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