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Cayman analysis
The Cayman Insurance Managers Association (IMAC), which is known outside Cayman as Cayman International Insurance, is still considering whether its annual Cayman Captive Forum will be able to welcome guests in person this year.   11 May 2021
Cayman analysis
The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) is open for speaker proposals from its members and other market participants ahead of the Cayman Captive Forum 2021.   21 April 2021
Cayman analysis
Setting up reinsurance companies in jurisdictions such as Bermuda or Cayman gives life insurers significantly more flexibility to manage the complex challenges they face, such as interest rate and longevity risk, says Patrick Ferguson of Marsh.   7 April 2021
Accounting & tax analysis
When starting a captive insurance company in a foreign jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands or Bermuda, many prospective captive owners may be excited about the potential tax benefits. However, these tax benefits should never be a primary reason to form a captive, says Daniel Greaves of Grant Thornton.   9 March 2021
The aim of an internal audit is to provide independent assurance that a captive is operating effectively. Philip Alexander of RSM Cayman explains the principles.   5 March 2021
Wilmington Trust is one of the few banks that has a dedicated group handling only insurance-related collateral requirements, says Robert Quinn.   2 February 2021
Cayman analysis
A number of captives have expressed an interest in joining up with the Cayman International Reinsurance Companies Association (CIRCA), the new association has revealed.   21 January 2021
Kensington Management Group is a full-service captive insurance manager, with niche expertise in group captive management.   13 December 2020
Cayman, with its reputation as a captive insurance-friendly domicile, is the perfect home for group captives.   10 December 2020
Comerica prides itself on a full range of banking services, says Martin G. Ellis.   10 December 2020

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