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Cayman Focus 2024
This edition of Captive International pays tribute to those 30 years of the Cayman Captive Forum. With the help of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman, we look back over the years at how the Forum started, what its early years were like, how people remember it and how it has grown. We hear about the concurrent history of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, now just under 30 years old, which has evolved to meet the needs of the insurance market and other key elements of Cayman’s economy.

US Awards 2023
For the fourth year running, we’ve conducted an industry-wide survey to recognise the best-in-class service providers across the full spectrum of the US captive insurance industry. The awards are based on feedback received from the captive industry, and in particular from readers of Captive International. We know that we can’t recognise and honour every service provider. However, according to our voters, the awards seek to commend providers that have made the biggest and best impression on the captives industry. 

US Focus 2023
In this edition of US Focus,  we take a number of looks at the way that the market has evolved over the past year. We look at the growing issue of artificial intelligence (AI) in insurance, as AI becomes a more and more controversial and debated topic. And we also take a look at the increasingly topical subject of new niches - those areas that are starting to appear on the horizon of the world of captive insurance as possible places of opportunity, if captives can be bold enough to grasp them. Read the latest issue now.

Bermuda Focus 2023
Explore the 2023 edition of Bermuda Focus, where we delve into the heart of Bermuda's captive landscape. This standalone publication offers the most comprehensive coverage of the Bermuda captive sector in the industry. It’s once again packed with deep-dive features compiled by our expert contributors. In addition, we have a write-up of Captive International's first-ever roundtable, which we held on the island and which featured leading captive experts. Dive into the latest issue now for in-depth analysis and industry insights.

Iron Shield: Latin America
Latin America is an increasingly important area in the world of captive insurance, with more and more attention being paid to it. One company that focuses on this area is Iron Shield, which has a major presence in Puerto Rico and Argentina. Captive International worked with the company to produce a special report on what it offers and why Latin America is such an important area for captive insurance.