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US Focus 2022
In this edition of US Focus, we look at the number of ways in which the market has adapted and changed over the past year. We look at why talent acquisition and retention is so important for the captive industry right now, as well as why the current market is so hard. We also speak to Dan Towle, the head of CICA, who gives his views on where the market stands as we head into the second half of 2022.

Cayman Focus 2022
As 2021 draws to a close, and we reflect on another year dominated by COVID-19 and disruptions, there is however a sense of optimism in Cayman’s insurance industry where its practitioners will reflect on a period of further growth and innovation and its continued ability to adapt. This is aptly illustrated by the fact that the Cayman Captive Forum is virtual this year. Frustrating, maybe, but it is progress and an illustration of the community’s ability to adapt after it was cancelled last year.

US Awards 2022
Here at Captive International we have always wanted to make sure that those engaged in the behind-the-scenes work are identified, acknowledged and celebrated. So, for the third year running we’ve conducted an industry-wide survey to recognise the best-in-class service providers across the full spectrum of the US captive insurance industry. Take a look at the latest results now.

US Awards 2021
The Captive International US Awards, commemorate the efforts and achievements of the most exceptional domiciles and service providers in the US captive insurance industry in 2020. There were separate awards for companies and individuals, to ensure the efforts of outstanding professionals working at smaller or less well resourced firms received the recognition they deserved.

Career Focus 2021
Our aim with the Captive International Career Focus is to highlight the captive insurance industry as a career path that offers challenges, opportunities to collaborate and a chance to innovate. Within these pages, you’ll find articles from organisations across the board, from state regulators and university professors to risk managers exploring the wonders of the captive insurance world and the opportunities within. What all these organisations have in common is their desire to promote the captives industry and encourage graduates to join it.