22 September 2020USA analysis

ACIA hosts captive industry’s first in-person conference of 2020

The Alabama Captive Insurance Association (ACIA) has hosted the first in-person conference for the captive industry in 2020.

Despite concerns of the pandemic, the ACIA said it had the largest attendance in the history of the conference.  It saw 92 attendees at the event this year, with the highest attendance in previous years having been 74 attendees.

The conference included a legislative session to introduce local state legislators, as well as sessions covering the IRS Amicus Brief and IRS v. Delaware Department of Insurance, the impact of COVID-19 on claims and the use of captives in healthcare.

The conference also examined the increasing use of risk retention groups (RRGs), cyber security and how to implement ethical practises in a captive.

ACIA’s conference also showcased the success of its Risky Business internment programme. Student engagement, recruitment and overall networking were provided for the student attendees as well as catered topics introducing different aspects of the industry.

Norman Chandler, president of ACIA, said the conference had set the precedent for ACIA conferences going forward, and for other captive industry conferences.

“Our attendees, speakers, staff, and venue staff all adhered to the safety protocols, and we were able to effectively implement innovative changes this year that were valuable to the attendees,” he added.