27 June 2014USA analysis

Paul Frank + Collins elect captive leader as president

PF+C’s captive insurance team leader, Stephanie Mapes, has been elected as president of the firm, becoming the first female president in PF+C’s 46-year history.

Mapes has worked at PF+C for 26 years and has helped lead the firm for the past two years as one of three members of the board’s executive committee.

“The firm is in a strong position,” says Mapes. “This is in no small part due to the legacy of leaders—R. Allan Paul, one of the firm’s founders, John T. Sartore, Alan D. Port and S. Crocker Bennett, II—who came before me. These accomplished attorneys built a strong foundation for the firm, and I will proudly carry on their legacy for the next generation.”

Mapes will continue to lead the firm’s captive insurance team while acting as President. “I really have the greatest team—in the captive insurance practice group—and I am grateful for their support,” Mapes says. “What will make me successful in the role as president is what makes me successful as the captive insurance group leader. I am a big-picture thinker with a strategic focus and I believe in motivating with positivity.”

Alan D. Port, who has worked with Stephanie on the captive insurance team for 25 years, adds: “Stephanie's organization and leadership skills for the captive insurance team and for firm management proved invaluable while I was leader of the team and president of the firm. I expect that, through Stephanie's leadership, both the captive team and the firm will reach levels of success far beyond those under my leadership. There is no one else that I would rather have had for a working partner over our time together.”