20 December 2022Reinsurance

Serrano Lopez new CEO of AXA Philippines

AXA Philippines has announced that Bernardo Serrano Lopezit has been appointed as its new president and chief executive.

Serrano Lopez joins the company with what it said was more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in the insurance industry where he has been successful in leading different businesses to achieve growth, profitability, and increased market share.

He first joined AXA in Chile in 1998. In 2001, he was appointed regional chief executive for AXA Latin America and subsequently general manager of AXA Spain in 2003. Between 2006 to 2011, Bernardo left AXA to set up his own company.

He re-joined AXA in 2011 and was appointed as chief executive of AXA Brazil before moving on to his most recent role as chief executive of AXA Colpatria in Colombia.