shutterstock/Dmitry Kalinovsky
7 January 2022

US drones manufacturer establishes captive

US drones and cloud technology business Aquiline Drones has established a captive. It is reported to be the first drone company to do so.

The Connecticut-domiciled Aquiline Drones Indemnity Corporation will assume the risk of its entire group of companies, indemnify its continuum of products and services and potentially insure the risk of its partners and affiliates such as Drone Volt (ALDRV) and Aerialtronics, according to a report in  North American Clean Energy.

The business combines drone technology with artificial intelligence and the Cloud to provide real-time control. It has an airline division dedicated to transporting human tissue, organs, blood and other time-critical cargo.

It is one of few drone companies seeking to provide on-demand, unscheduled air services under a Federal Aviation Administration  part 135 certificate – alongside others such as Google parent Alphabet’s Wing, UPS’s Flight Forward, and Amazon’s Prime Air.