John Ludlow, Airmic
28 January 2021

Airmic to go ahead with relocated October conference

Airmic will go ahead with its physical annual conference in Brighton in October 2021, as long as restrictions have been lifted, pending a consultation with stakeholders nearer the time.

The event is planned for October 4-6 and has been moved from Manchester to London out of necessity, after the event was delayed. It had originally been planned for June.

The exhibition floor plan will go on sale to the market in May. A final decision about whether to commit to preparations for the event will be made at the end of June, based on consultation with stakeholders, a risk assessment and health and safety advice.

The annual conference has a theme of “Driving Transformation - Shaping the Future”, encompassing the challenges faced in mitigating risks and building a sustainable future. It will enable partner-member face-to-face networking and meetings, providing knowledge sharing and learning opportunities, Airmic said.

A programme of Airmic events will start with a Technology Forum on May 13, examining how the pandemic has driven technological transformation.

A second, a fastTrack Forum, will take place July 8, focusing on the upskilling, networking, and career development opportunities in Airmic’s member and partner organisations. The fastTrack programme focuses on employees in the first four years of their careers but is also open to more experienced members looking to improve their understanding of specific subjects.

Airmic has also released a brochure and web page providing information about the fastTrack  programme for 2021 and 2022.

An Enterprise Risk Management Forum is also planned for November, as well as the annual dinner on December 7.

John Ludlow, the chief executive officer of Airmic, said: “As risk professionals we can spot a need or demand, understand what’s driving a threat or causing a vulnerability, and develop our own ideas about what might form a solution, speak to people about it, and gain support for changing what was otherwise inevitable. That’s what leaders do.”

The next big challenge for the industry is the environment, added Ludlow. “Now we understand that for sustainable development we need to protect the environment to sustainably grow the economy,” he said.