13 December 2020ArticleAnalysis

A great service

“Our innovation and significant investment in technology allows us to produce high-quality deliverables for our captive clients.” Erin Brosnihan, Kensington Management Group

Erin Brosnihan is the president of Kensington Management Group (KMG). Originally from Edmonton, Canada, she relocated to Grand Cayman in 1999.She joined Kensington in 2001 and recently celebrated her 20th anniversary with the company.Brosnihan is responsible for all aspects of client services, professional staff training and development, as well as being integral to quality assurance and technological innovation. She was a member of executive committee of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (now Cayman International Insurance) with responsibility for the Cayman Captive Forum for many years and most recently held the position of chair in 2018/2019. She spoke to Captive International.Dedication and focus
Since its founding in 1999, KMG has experienced phenomenal growth. Over the course of the year, the company’s 44 captive programmes wrote annual premiums of $2.8 billion, approximately 13 percent of the Cayman captive market.Our team at Kensington is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our captive clients and fellow service providers—we’ve become known for that. Of course, this is the result of a lot of hard work, but also the continual education and development of our professional staff.Our colleagues never stop learning about our clients and their needs. That’s very important to us, and it’s reflected in our work and service every day.With its team of 44, all based in the Cayman Islands, KMG services the needs of approximately 5,800 corporate and institutional clients, both in single parent and group captive structures.Our innovation and significant investment in technology allows us to produce high-quality deliverables for our captive clients.Innovation in technology brings a wide array of reporting capabilities, including customised reporting for individual shareholders, as well as efficient reporting to meet entity- and shareholder-level regulatory requirements.More importantly, increased efficiency has allowed our team, at all levels of the company, to use the extra time to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with our clients. Considering the group captives we service (often with hundreds of members), that’s no small task.We strive every day to understand their businesses and offer excellent, responsive service and relevant solutions.A record year
2021 has been a year of record growth at Kensington. Our captive clients continue to flourish and grow at record pace.We also started two new group captives and have another two in process, which means engaging with as many as a hundred new members.The captive market in Cayman is thriving, despite the obvious impact of the global pandemic.The strength of the captive value proposition has certainly been tested and it has passed with flying colours.Despite the challenges of travel restrictions, we have maintained close relationships with our clients and continue to add value as a key part of the captive model.Turning to the future, we will continually strive to provide a high-quality experience to our clients, at the onboarding stage and beyond. With travel restrictions easing, we are excited to reconnect in person with our clients and fellow service providers.While technology has helped us to remain connected during the pandemic, the connection between fellow member-owners is very important in the group captive model. Like many other companies, reconnecting on a more personal level is a major goal for 2022.