30 January 2023Analysis

Blockchain ART solutions provider Ryskex teams up with Connecticut PhD student

Blockchain-based ecosystem for alternative risk transfer and insurance Ryskex Inc has welcomed University of Connecticut PhD student Yue Yin to its Analytics and Intelligence department. Yin joins as part of the Talentbridge23 program, a six-month incubation program to “connect talent, innovation, and opportunity within the Hartford insurtech community”.

The program was launched this month by Nassau Re/Imagine, a community of corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders supported by Nassau Financial Group.

Ryskex’s digital platform allows a global network of investors to take on hard to insure emerging and systemic risks. It also enables insureds to find the appropriate coverage using a parametric risk transfer solution and hedge their risks as securitised intangible assets. These can be traded transparently and securely using blockchain technology.

Yin and the firm’s work together will focus on predicting climate change impacts and other systemic risks like pandemics, cyber-attacks and political unrest as a basis to develop parametric risk transfer solutions.

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