Jack Kudale, founder & CEO, Cowbell Cyber
4 April 2023Analysis

Cowbell launches UK operations

Cowbell has launched its UK operations and appointed cyber insurance expert, Simon Hughes, as General Manager for Cowbell UK.

Hughes has experience across the US and the UK, most recently serving as the cyber team lead at CFC Underwriting.

“The cyber insurance industry needs to evolve at the same pace as the cyber threat landscape,” said Hughes. “I am delighted to join one of the most innovative companies in the market at a time when businesses in the UK and around the world are prioritizing cyber resilience.”

Hughes has over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry. He is a proven leader with a deep understanding of cyber risk and insurance and has been instrumental in driving success in his previous roles. Hughes began his career at Lloyd’s of London and has since gained valuable experience with the multi-national reinsurer SOVAG and CFC Underwriting, a UK-based specialty insurer. At CFC, Hughes was a senior member of the cyber team for six years, serving as a cyber underwriter and leader focusing on SMEs. Simon led the UK and EU cyber underwriting teams to achieve market-leading and profitable growth in a rapidly growing market.

Cowbell has grown its risk pool internationally to 35 million SMEs, which allows the company to pre- assess risk and deliver coverage at speed while maintaining the most accurate underwriting process.

Cowbell’s risk pool also contributes to maintaining proactive visibility into the macro-level cyber threat landscape in the SME market.

“We are relentless in our mission to close the insurability gap and make cyber insurance accessible to all businesses regardless of geographical boundaries,” said Matthew Jones, chief strategy officer at Cowbell. “Simon brings the expertise to roll out to the UK the adaptive cyber insurance products that we have successfully validated in the U.S., underpinned by our continuous risk assessment approach.”

To further extend the company’s global focus on innovation for cyber insurance, Cowbell recently opened a new technology centre in Pune, India. This follows a string of initiatives Cowbell has launched over the past year, including Cowbell 365, which offers policyholders comprehensive support for risk improvement and incident response, and the introduction of Cowbell’s Adaptive Cyber Insurance offering: policies that continuously evolve to remain aligned with the policyholder’s cyber exposures, avoid coverage gaps and bring full transparency into renewal terms throughout the policy period.