13 February 2017Analysis

Guernsey Finance extends Asia presence with key appointment

Guernsey Finance has expanded its presence in the wider South East Asia region with the appointment of Christopher Chan as its first Hong Kong representative.

The Hong Kong office opened in March 2016, initially used as a base from which Guernsey Finance’s China rep Wendy Weng carried out further promotional activities in South East Asia.

It is also used by Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to provide regulatory advice to those in the region who might be considering Guernsey-specific ventures

“We’ve had a really positive experience since opening our Hong Kong office, so much so that we now require a permanent representative to be based there,” said Kate Clouston, director of international business development at Guernsey Finance.

“There are a growing number of opportunities across all sectors and we’re therefore excited to be able to share Guernsey’s complete offering with the Asia market. It has reaffirmed our belief that Hong Kong is an important financial hub and our continued commitment to the region can only be seen as a positive for business prospects and the further development of Guernsey relationships in Asia.”

For the past six year, Chan has worked in Hong Kong’s financial and corporate services sector, with a particular focus on business development.

Chan said: “I am really excited to be joining Guernsey Finance and being involved in Guernsey’s continued development in Asia.

“Having grown up in Hong Kong, where ‘East meets West’, helping to connect Western clients and companies with the Asian market comes very naturally to me and I’m looking forward to explaining the positives that Guernsey has to offer in this regard.”

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