16 February 2023Analysis

Henriott Group joined by new business advisor

Henriott Group has announced that Mark Lehan has joined the Henriott team as business advisor.

Lehan graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration then went on to receive his MBA through Anderson University. Since 1994, he has been in the insurance business with a desire to educate others on where their money is being spent and the importance of why they’re paying for this cost.

According to Henriott Lehan’s knowledge of the industry and passion to find solutions for clientele problems made his addition to the team extremely rewarding.

“I chose Henriott because their culture lines up exactly with my core beliefs, and that is to truly help the client,” said Lehan. “Before they even hired me, Henriott made me feel so valued, sought after and appreciated and that gave me a good insight to how they do things and operate with their clients.”

Henriott Group is encouraging growth and competition as it continues the long history of serving their clients with a progressive and transformative approach. The co-chief executives, Kelley Henriott and Andrew Ball, are proud to have added another member to the team.

“Even in this challenging environment, we continue to strengthen and add to our incredibly talented team,” they said. “Mark is a well-respected industry expert with deep ties to Indiana, he has a proven track record of delivering professional advice in a manner that has supported his clients, their businesses and the livelihoods of their associates. We are excited to have Mark join the team and look forward to placing his skills to work for our clients.”