20 September 2018Analysis

IMAC launches new international brand Cayman International Insurance

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC), a nonprofit organisation that represents Cayman's captive and alternative risk management insurance industry, has launched a new brand identity for promoting the industry internationally.

Cayman International Insurance will be used for all external communications and marketing.

IMAC will still exist a member organisation and the name that it will continue to be known by in Cayman. IMAC explained that the Cayman International Insurance will be used for promotion of Cayman as a domicile globally.

The name change is aimed at more appropriately reflecting Cayman's insurance industry, which has grown to be more inclusive of reinsurance and ILS.

“For 37 years we’ve delivered the message that Cayman is a leading domicile that is filled with opportunity,” said IMAC chair Erin Brosnihan. “And after decades of effecting change for this industry, we’ve come to realise that we, too, have changed. We are no longer an association trying to develop our industry – we have become the face of our industry.”

Brosnihan continued: “Having said that, it’s also important to note IMAC will not vanish. It will still exist as a member organisation and an inward-facing entity. What has changed is our global promotion of Cayman as a domicile, which is where I am eager to see how Cayman International Insurance will unfold and develop.”

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