30 September 2019Analysis

MAXIS GBN upgrades OneClient portal with new analytical capabilities

MAXIS Global Benefits Network, the international employee benefits network, has upgraded its OneClient portal for multinationals with new analytics and digital tools.

The OneClient service provides access to data-rich claims reports, quarterly and annual programme performance forensics, employee and market analytics and market intelligence on employee benefits across markets.

It now also provides access to a new suite of interactive dashboards and web applications, enabling multinationals to identify employee benefits spend and healthcare priorities to aid decision-making and cost management.

The MAXIS Wellness Intelligence Tool (WIT) uses medical claims data and actuarial calculations to help organisations calculate potential medical cost savings by implementing workplace wellness programmes. MAXIS WIT will be launched to all MAXIS Global Captive clients in the next two weeks.

Improvements have been made to MAXIS GBN’s health and wellness reporting, with paid claims and country benchmark reports now interactive, including new data visualisations. The population health and risk stratification report, launched in July, allows multinationals to categorise the severity of health risks their employees and dependants face. It also allows them to initiate programmes that help prevent chronic diseases, stabilise current chronic conditions and prevent an acceleration to higher-risk categories and higher associated costs.

The interactive pooling dashboard gives multinational pooling clients a better understanding of their pool performance. Data visualisation capabilities highlight things like overall performance, premium and expenses distribution, loss ratio heatmaps, results and reserves overview. It can filter and drill-down by country, product and policy, getting a deeper understanding of performance drivers.

Helga Viegas, director of digital and innovation at MAXIS Global Benefits Network, said the group was building on the momentum gained with the MAXIS Data and Digital Innovation Lab. “The new OneClient portal is, we believe, unlike any solution from competitors in terms of the range and quality of online services it provides,” she said. “We want to raise the bar in client-focused technology, dramatically improving user experience and aligning the global employee benefits market with the best examples in the insurtech and consumer markets.”

MAXIS GBN said it will continue to develop the OneClient portal with more intuitive tools and services to help multinationals employees make best use of the data available.