Simone Auer
28 April 2023Analysis

New chief risk officer at Talanx

Simone Auer has been appointed as Talanx’s chief risk officer with effect from 1 May 2023.

She will succeed Professor Dr Gerhard Stahl. The long-term head of group risk management will stay on with the group as research advisor.

“We would like to thank Gerhard Stahl for his dedicated work at our group over the past 16 years,” said Dr Jan Wicke, Talanx AG’s chief financial officer. “His outstanding risk management expertise has been instrumental in helping us master the challenges of modern risk modelling so successfully at Talanx. We are delighted that we will be still able to draw on his enormous knowledge going forward. He is to be succeeded by an excellent internal candidate, Simone Auer. I would like to wish her every success in her new role and am looking forward greatly to our work together.”

Torsten Leue, chairman of the board of management of Talanx AG, said: “Risk is our business as an insurance company. As chief risk officer, Gerhard Stahl headed the team of many colleagues who developed our internal model. This has significantly enhanced our decision-making and I owe him my sincere thanks. Simone Auer will continue this journey, which aims to help us better expect the unexpected in these times of rapid change and global crises.”

Auer moved from Group subsidiary Hannover Rück to Talanx’s Group Risk Management in October 2022 to become deputy chief risk officer. Before that, she spent 17 years in the Dynamic Financial Analysis unit at Hannover Re, becoming head of the function in 2016. In this capacity, she was responsible for the Hannover Re Group’s internal model, among other things.