Nicholas Hentges, Chairperson of Captive Insurance Companies Association 2023 - 2024
9 March 2023Analysis

New CICA board appointments announced

The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) has appointed Nicholas Hentges as its chair for 2023-2024. The CEO of Captive Resources, Hentges brings 30 years of captive experience to the role. He has also served on the CICA board since 2020 and serves on its NEXTGen Committee, supporting young professionals.

Hentges’ appointment is one of several announced by CICA. The board also elected Mary Ellen Moriarty, vice president for property & casualty at EEIA, as vice chair; and Heather McClure, chief risk advisor for the US Healthcare Practice at Aon as secretary/treasurer. Renea Louie, chief operations officer at Pro Group Captive Management Services, serves as the immediate past chair.

Two new members join the board, too: Cheryl Baker, head of North American risk management at Stellantis; and Prabal Lakhanpal, vice president of Spring Consulting Group. Baker has over 20 years’ experience in insurance, risk management and captives and is president of Stellantis’s nearly $2 billion US captive. She serves on the CICA Amplify Women Committee and co-chairs the Amplify Women Social Media Committee. She also serves on her local RIMS board.

Lakhanpal chairs CICA’s NEXTGen Young and New Professionals Committee and was voted to a director position on the board. He previously served in an appointed position as NEXTGen chair.

“This is a phenomenal time to be involved in captive insurance, and I am honoured to serve as CICA’s board chair,” said Hentges. “As CICA and the captive industry grow, I look forward to working with my board colleagues and our volunteer leaders. We want to provide the education, advocacy, best practices and professional development our members need to help their captives create the innovative solutions that fuel our industry’s growth.”