30 July 2019Analysis

Quad M Solutions vows to disrupt health insurance market

Mineral Mountain Mining and Milling has changed its name to Quad M Solutions and is launching a healthcare program for the small and medium-size employer (SME) market. Its healthcare program enables customers to self-insure and replace unsustainable and fully insured major medical insurance plans, the company said.

Quad M believes it forms the vanguard of a trend of consumer driven disruption of the US’ broken health insurance industry. It believes this change will ultimately provide better care, better choices and better ways for people to manage their short and long-term healthcare needs. This can be achieved while reducing hassle, costs, risk and restrictions, Quad M said.

As part of this process Quad M is marketing its comprehensive major medical health insurance benefits program to employers and their employees through its wholly-owned subsidiary, NuAxess 2. The NuAxess Smart Plan is a proprietary value-based health plan that is expected to disrupt the current fully insured plan domination and put an individual’s healthcare control back into the hands of employers and their employees and their chosen doctors.

Meanwhile Quad M Staffing focuses on workers engaged in freelancing, temp agency work, self-employment, part-time and subcontracted work, components of the so-called gig economy. This rapidly growing sector is estimated to account for more than 30 million employees.

Quad M has also issued a letter of intent to acquire Meritra Health, which it said will give it an entry point into the small employer medical practice space.

Pat Dileo, CEO at Quad M, said: “We’re looking to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar health insurance market dominated by fully insured carriers who do not favor small group employers who want and need to work with medical providers in achieving better health outcomes at affordable and reasonable costs.”