3 February 2023Analysis

Self-Insurance Institute of America welcomes new board members

Self-Insurance Institute of America has appointed several new board members to support its future growth. The new members of the board of directors are Dr Stacy Borans, founder & chief medical officer of Advanced Medical Strategies; Mark Combs, president & CEO, Self-Insured Reporting; Matt Kirk, president of The Benecon Group; and Adam Russo, CEO of The Phia Group.

The directors join the current members: Shaun Peterson, VP, Stop Loss, Voya Financial; Amy Gasparro, chief operating officer, Valenz; and Deborah Hodges, president & CEO of Health Plans, as well as the chair Elizabeth Midtlien, vice president, Emerging Markets, AmeriHealth Administrators, and chairman-elect John Capasso, president & CEO, Captive Planning Associates.

“We are very happy to welcome this group of talented, experienced leaders to advise our Association through future phases of growth,” said Mike Ferguson, president & CEO of SIIA. “Their expertise, when added to that of current Board members, spans a breadth of industry niches that will provide unique perspectives and insights that will strengthen SIIAs reputation and the place where the business of self-insurance gets done.”

It also announced three new chairs of select committees: Jeff Fitzgerald, vice president of employee benefits at Innovative Captive Solutions, will chair the Captive Insurance Committee; Erin Duffy, director of business development at Imagine360, will chair the Future Leaders Committee; and Christine Cooper, CEO of aequum, LLC, is the new chair of the Price Transparency Committee.