24 October 2019Analysis

Wellness programs can reduce pressure on assisted living facility insurance

Adding wellness programs to facility management in the long-term care sector can reduce excessive claims on assisted living facility insurance by reducing the workloads of healthcare workers, according to Chris Murray, president at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services.

Murray believes  wellness programs in care facilities will reduce staff attrition and injury due to high workloads, which contributes to increased insurance claims, by making seniors less dependant. These programs supplement the risk management protection afforded by assisted living facility insurance, he said.

Crucially, it will also deliver improved safety for seniors increase the quality of life for residents. Murray said implementing these programs can boost residential sign-ups, while move-out rates can be reduced by as much as 20 percent, on average.

Wellness programs that include nutrition and healthy-eating programs, hydrotherapy pools, aquatic exercise facilities, mindfulness programs such as yoga or meditation, and exercise facilities are designed to improve the quality of life for participants.

Murray said that employees participating in these programs often experienced reductions in workplace-related stress, illness and obesity, encouraging seniors to be more active and to socialise more.