Artex Risk Solutions

Artex is the world’s fastest-growing and most diverse insurance manager. With more than 400 staff in 15 worldwide locations, our employees work together to conceive, design and manage alternative risk transfer solutions that help our clients manage today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Artex Risk Solutions
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Artex is one of the world’s three largest insurance management firms. At Artex, we take a personal, partnership approach to providing tailored and sustainable alternative risk management solutions that align with each of our client’s business and financial goals. We start every relationship with a greater understanding of our client and the industry they serve. We examine the current challenges our clients face and anticipate emerging trends they may encounter in the future, so that we can deliver options that empower them to make effective decisions for their organizations. The breadth and depth of insight and expertise we deliver allows our clients to reap the benefits of every course of action and to achieve their chosen tomorrow.

Our full spectrum of risk transfer alternative solutions include:

  • Insurance & Captive Management
  • Program & Facility Management
  • Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) & Structured Transaction Administration

Licensed in more than 30 jurisdictions throughout the globe, with more than 400 professionals operating out of 15+ international offices, we have the proven resources and capacity to supply any alternative risk need. We have over 1,500 clients served by more than 1,000 captives, cells and specialty programs.

Our expertise in Insurance & Captive Management is the foundation that we have built our company on. Whether you looking for Single-Parent, Group, Enterprise Risk, Employee Benefit or Cell Captives and Risk Retention Groups – we’ve got you covered. In addition, we offer risk management, outsourced insurance management, corporate services and run-off solutions. For Program & Facility Management, we offer loss-sensitive guaranteed cost and workers compensation programs – some of which have been designed specifically for certain industries including temporary staffing and PEOs. Facility management solutions are designed to capture underwriting profits for brokers, intermediaries, Managing General Agents (MGAs) and others. Our ILS team is the largest in the business. Whether you are looking at cat bonds or other forms of risk-linked securitization, special purpose vehicles, pension longevity or access to Lloyd’s structures, we possess the expertise you need.

Artex provides a full range of alternative risk management solutions customized for our clients’ individual challenges and opportunities. Powered by independent thought and an innovative approach, we empower our clients and partners to make educated risk management decision with the utmost confidence.

Our Vision - We believe our future is more assured when we understand where we are today. The greater our understanding, the better our future will be.

Our Mission is to help our client partners harness the power of independent thought by designing sustainable alternative risk management solutions that allow them to achieve true control.

Our Values - Empathy, Engagement, Expertise and Excellence are the blueprint for our success. Empathy enables us to forge a connection with our client and allows us to see and go beyond the obvious. Through Engagement, we transform this understanding into tangible and meaningful action. Our Expertise is the drive behind our search for solutions and the way in which we deliver service to our clients. Excellence is what we strive to achieve each and every time.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Captive Consulting
  • Captive Management
  • Captive Audits
  • Captive Exit Strategies
  • Governance
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Program Management
  • Insurance-Linked Securities


  • Asia/Pacific
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands

Jeff Kurz is the Managing Director of Captive Insurance Sales and Consulting for Artex in North America. He has over 20 years of experience in the area of alternative risk financing including work with captive insurance companies, segregated cell captive insurers, risk retention groups and self-insured trusts, with specific concentrations in healthcare, real estate and large multinational company related risk insurance companies., Managing Director of Captive Insurance Sales & Consulting, North America

Mike Matthews is Commercial Director, responsible for setting and running the commercial strategy for Artex International including sales, marketing, product development and supporting client services to drive business growth and market share across all non-US domiciles., Commercial Director-International

Paul Eaton leads the Insurance-Linked Securities team at Artex, comprised of individuals in Bermuda, Cayman and Guernsey. He is responsible for ILS and structured transaction administration across Artex globally., Managing Director, ILS