Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance Captive Program

Missouri is a domicile that understands your time is valuable, therefore, we maintain an experienced team who always strive to provide timely responses to applications and regulatory filings while utilizing the flexibility of our laws, reducing your feeling of overregulation.

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance Captive Program
Harry S Truman State Office Building
Room 530
301 W. High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 522-9932


Why say, “Show-Me Missouri” before you domicile?

  • We are an established domicile that has experience licensing all types and sizes of captives.
  • We believe sound regulation is beneficial – overregulation is not.
  • Our law is competitive and allows multiple useful options and flexibility.
  • We utilize that flexibility in our captive laws to the fullest extent allowed to satisfy the unique needs of each captive.  
  • We have a simple fee structure with no hidden costs – the $7,500 application or annual renewal fee is 100% deductible from premium tax.
  • The fee structure ensures we have dedicated staff to be responsive to our captive’s needs.
  • We use only dedicated in-house staff to conduct examinations, reducing your captive’s operational costs.
  • And most important, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. Your business is personal to us and you’ll know the person who answers the phone is here to help YOU.  

Just a few reasons to say: “Show-Me Missouri.” For more information, please visit our website.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Domicile
  • Regulator
  • Government
  • Agency


  • USA
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Europe


Sam Komo
Captive Manager

As the Missouri Captive Program Manager, I keep the day-to-day operations moving by utilizing a team of experts, develop ideas into applications, and promote the state as a place to domicile. In other words, your person to call for Missouri Captive information.