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North Carolina is a leading captive domicile for business owners and their service providers. With its innovative legislation, appropriate yet pro-business regulation, and experienced professional staff committed to exemplary customer service, North Carolina is the captive domicile of choice.

North Carolina Department of Insurance
Captive Insurance Companies Division
Albemarle Building
325 N. Salisbury Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
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North Carolina is a leading captive insurance company domicile with a modern North Carolina Captive Insurance Act; low regulatory cost for formation and operation of captive insurance companies; and an experienced, professional captive insurance regulatory team with the mission to provide proper regulation and outstanding customer service through its availability, accessibility and responsiveness to the captive insurance industry.

The state enacted its North Carolina Captive Insurance Act in October of 2013 and highlights of the Act include provisions for:

  • The formation and operation of all types and structures of captive insurers including pure, protected cell, special purpose, industrial insured, branch, association, and special purpose financial captive insurers as well as risk retention groups. Group and agency captive insurers along with other types of captive insurers that are not specifically defined in the act may be licensed as special purpose captive insurers, if the Commissioner deems the applicants’ plans appropriate.
  • Reasonable capital requirements.
  • A unique NCDOI examination approach. Examinations are performed as necessary on a “target” basis, focusing NCDOI resources on the important issues and providing a cost savings to well run, financially sound captives.
  • No NCDOI fees whatsoever (except for a special purpose financial captive application fee).
  • Provisional licensing, subject to certain requirements.
  • An inactive captive insurer status, resulting in a waiver of the premium tax requirements and possible waiver of financial filing requirements.
  • Waiver of the annual in-state board meeting requirement, if two or more North Carolina service providers are utilized by the captive insurer.
  • Establishment of one or more separate accounts by a captive insurer to which risks may be allocated so that they are separate and apart from the other risks of the insurer.

The state’s laws provide a strong foundation for the formation and operation of captive insurers and for the regulation of the insurers. The regulatory approach by the NCDOI is a material factor in the success of the captive insurance industry in the state. Captive insurers must be regulated appropriately to ascertain their financial solvency and compliance and to address issues as they arise. Additionally, these insurers must be regulated in a way that allows them to meet the specific needs of their insureds. The NCDOI makes every reasonable effort to work with a captive insurer so that it can meet the needs of its insureds as long as there is adherence to the legal requirements.

NCDOI’s in-house captive insurance regulatory team of accountants and actuaries is comprised of knowledgeable insurance professionals, possessing CPA, and ACI designations and other credentials. The experience of this team enables the NCDOI to regulate captive insurers efficiently, appropriately, and effectively.

North Carolina welcomes business owners and their service providers to be a part of the state’s captive insurance program.

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North Carolina is a captive insurance domicile for all captive owners, no matter their location.

Lori Gorman, CPA, FLMI
Deputy Commissioner

Debra Walker, Senior Lori Gorman, Deputy Commissioner of the Captive Insurance Companies Division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance (“NCDOI”), is responsible for the oversight of the licensing and regulation of all North Carolina captives and the marketing and promotion of the captive insurance program for development of the captive industry in North Carolina.