2 February 2022ILS

IGP launches expert group for captives

Insurance business network IGP has established a Center of Expertise for reinsurance to captive and global underwriting programs.

A dedicated business unit for all companies and their advisors, it will offer a flexible product design, data-driven underwriting support and portfolio governance, and a new, bespoke operating platform, according to the company. It will be run by a team of experts with cross-functional competencies.

“Changes in local regulations, development in technology and data analytics and the growing importance of ESG are impacting the way Corporates manage their biometric risk and provide for the health and wellbeing of their workforce,” the company said in a statement.

“To meet today’s evolving business requirements, IGP’s coordinated employee benefits programs offer greater efficiency, flexibility and seamless administration for multinational employers of any size.”

The new offering specifically addresses global underwriting and reinsurance to captive programs. A re-designed operational workflow facilitates their implementation either as a transition from a pooling program or standalone inception.

Tamara Laanen, the director of account development, will manage the new group. All IGP’s existing captive and global underwriting clients will be transitioned to the new team.

“The IGP Center of Expertise is the first unit of its kind among the global employee benefits networks,” said Marco Giacomelli, head of the IGP Network. “We created it to give our customers and their advisors an authoritative and personalised point of reference in the implementation, servicing, technical governance and risk management of their captive and global underwriting programs.”