12 November 2021

Read now: Captive International Career Focus 2021

In the coming years, retirements are planned across the board, meaning that a whole generation of experienced professionals will soon depart from the captive insurance industry. Unfortunately, the pipeline of new and talented young graduates is not where it needs to be to fill that looming gap.

In part, this is due to the fact that, traditionally, insurance is not viewed as the most attractive of job prospects and the sector has perhaps struggled to showcase the industry and the work it does in the best light.

Our aim with  Captive International Career Focus is to highlight the captive insurance industry as a career path that offers challenges, opportunities to collaborate and a chance to innovate.

As Dan Towle of the Captive Insurance Companies Association says: “A job in captive insurance ticks all the boxes for a fascinating and gratifying career.”

Within  these pages, you’ll find articles from organisations across the board, from state regulators and university professors to risk managers exploring the wonders of the captive insurance world and the opportunities within.

Hear from leading organisations such as Captive Resources, EY, Atlas Insurance Management, State of Vermont, CICA, ICCIE and Gamma Iota Sigma about the opprortunities for growth. What all these organisations have in common is their desire to promote the captives industry and encourage graduates to join it.

You’ll find an interview with recent graduate Chelsea Carter of Artex Risk Solutions, alongside plenty of advice on discovering the captives industry and the opportunities on offer, and how to take those first steps into a rewarding career.

Finally, our thanks to everyone who has participated in  this  publication, highlighting the complexity and challenges of the captives industry and the many career paths that can lead into it.

Our hope is that students across the country will use this publication to develop their knowledge of the captive insurance world and consider an exciting career in the industry.