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5 reasons captive insurance companies fail

North America17-01-2018Captive, Legislation

Like any other business sector, captives occasionally have to be sold or wound up. Stephanie Mocatta, CEO, and Tom Hodson, general counsel, SOBC Sandell offer five reasons for failure, and suggest some solutions.

Puerto Rico: an emerging captive domicile

Latin America12-01-2018Captive

Puerto Rico is working on its strategy to become the ‘Singapore of the West’, explains David Kirkup, CFO and COO of Captive Alternatives.

Why captives can shine through on cyber

North America22-12-2017Captive, Cyber, Risk management

As the threat from cyber crime becomes more complex and the general insurance industry struggles to keep pace, captive insurers can come into their own, writes Matthew Queen, general counsel and chief compliance officer, Venture Captive Management.

The future of captives as a profit centre: Part 1


Innovative risk transfer will influence the future of the captive as a business model, as Marcus Schmalbach of BlockART Institute explains.

Tax reform – what’s next for captives?

North America06-12-2017Captive

US Tax Reform has now passed the Senate. Next steps are to reconcile the House and Senate bills, and then issue the final rules. David Kirkup, CFO and COO at Captive Alternatives, explores what this will mean, if anything, for captive insurance companies in the next year.

Making sure the price is right

United States01-12-2017Captive, Health

One of the most effective approaches for controlling the cost of employee benefit healthcare delivery is to buy healthcare services more efficiently using self-funded plans and medical stop loss captives, says Phillip Giles of QBE North America.

Still an essential tool for healthcare

Global01-12-2017Captive, Health

Monique McDonald of Global Captive Management provides a captive manager’s perspective on the healthcare sector and the vital benefits captive insurance can provide.

Matching the competition

Cayman Islands01-12-2017Captive

With domiciling and redomiciling becoming easier for captives as different jurisdictions seek to attract more business, Cayman needs to focus on retaining what it has—as well as attracting newcomers. Cayman Captive investigates.

The evolution of the Cayman Captive Forum

Cayman Islands01-12-2017Captive

This year the Cayman Captive Forum celebrates 25 years since it was created by the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman. Cayman Captive takes a look back at how it started—and how much has changed.

Celebrating 25 years of the Cayman Captive Forum

Cayman Islands01-12-2017Captive

In the silver anniversary year of the Cayman Captive Forum, Cayman Captive magazine gathered a group of experts to discuss the current state of the industry and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Showing 1 to 10 of 449 results

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