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How captive NEDs can help navigate the complexities of ESG

Global02-06-2023Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), ESG

ESG can be a complex area which an increasing number of companies are trying to navigate. At a recent Captive International webinar, experts discussed what can be at stake.

Reigniting our reputation for risk-taking

Global, United States19-05-2023Captive, Risk management

Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network looks at how to approach the current reinsurance market.

Why independent NEDs matter to captives

Europe, Global15-05-2023Captive, ESG

The role of an independent non-executive director on the board of a captive insurance company can be critical to its success—but what makes a good NED, including the importance of their independence, is less clear and part of a much bigger debate. Six experts in the sector did just that, in a video discussion moderated by Captive International.

D&O difficulties—how captives can help plug a gap

Delaware, Global, United States03-05-2023Captive, D&O

Captive International looks at how Facebook’s parent Meta realised that captive insurance was the right solution to its D&O problem.

Seeking the next generation


Captive International looks at how captive insurance managers can plug some of the gaps that are appearing in their ranks as the great resignation/retirement takes its toll.

Could Lloyd’s play as important a role in the future of captives as it did in their past?


John Keen of Mustard Consulting takes a look at recent moves by Lloyd’s to get more involved in the captive insurance market.

Microcaptives: the IRS’s next battlefield in its war against captives?

United States14-04-2023Captive, IRS

The IRS is continuing to target captives, with microcaptives being the next area put under the microscope, writes Matthew Queen, owner of The Queen Firm and CEO of Sherbrooke Corporate.

Legislative changes and captive actuarial analytics


Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group examine recent legal developments in the US and how they might affect the captive insurance industry.

Microcaptives and transportation: teaching an old dog new tricks

Global, United States05-04-2023Captive

Jeremy Colombik, managing partner at MSI, and Henry Laville, risk transfer specialist at Elite Risk Services, look at how captives can provide the answer to transportation headaches.

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Global, United States03-04-2023Captive

New CICA chair Nick Hentges talks to Captive International about the need to recruit talent to the captive insurance industry and his plans for the year ahead.

Showing 1 to 10 of 959 results

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