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Incubators of innovation

North America09-08-2019Captive

Captive insurance companies have played an integral role in bringing ERM to the middle market, and enterprise risk captives have been hotbeds of innovation, finding new ways to price unusual risks, says Andrew Rennick of Womble Bond Dickinson.

Not all states play fair

North America08-08-2019Captive

There has been an aggressive shift in the approach of certain US states to the collection of self-procurement taxes. What implications does this have for the industry? And will there be more redomestications to the ‘home’ state? US Captive investigates.

How to dodge a commercial rate hike

North America07-08-2019Captive, Ratings

As commercial insurance rates start to harden, more sophisticated owners of captives are starting to leverage them to avoid rate hikes by using analytics or looking to access the reinsurance markets directly. US Captive reports.

The uncertain future of 831(b)s

North America06-08-2019Captive

The Syzygy opinion marks the third significant microcaptive loss in the US Tax Court, and prominent captive managers have come under fire for allegedly designing and selling sham 831(b) captives. What does this mean for their future? US Captive investigates.

Managing premium taxes

North America02-08-2019Captive

Careful planning can help reduce the risk of exposure to premium taxes outside a captive’s domicile, says Joseph Holahan of Morris, Manning and Martin.

The changing shape of captives

North America02-08-2019Captive

Fewer captives are being formed but they are more sophisticated and being created for the right reasons. Add to this a greater emphasis on risk management and talent and the industry looks in good health for the long term, says Daniel Towle of the Captive Insurance Companies Association.

What captive managers need to know, and do, now


The FSAB’s ASU 2016-01 is now in effect. This will have a significant impact on the way any company, including most captive insurance companies, which maintains its accounting records in accordance with GAAP, will be required to comply, says Leon Rives of Rives and Associates.

831(b) ground rules emerge post Syzygy

North America28-06-2019CaptiveDavid Kirkup

Syzygy Insurance v Commissioner may paint a negative picture of the industry, but also provides some helpful guidance on how to structure small captives, says David Kirkup, chief operating officer at Captive Alternatives.

Captives industry cannot expect to be found, it must engage with students

North America14-06-2019Kathleen O’Neil Larkin

The demand for insurance talent is growing, which is especially true for the captive insurance industry. With baby- boomers retiring, generation X aging and millennials switching off at the mention of insurance - , where is the talent going to come from? Kathleen O’Neil Larkin, attorney and instructor at Missouri State University, says the gap between industry and academia must be bridged.

Microcaptives help facilitate ERM programmes for SMEs

North America13-06-2019Ryan Ralston

An enterprise risk management micro-captive programme may not be as robust as a mega-company's ERM programme, but many of the same benefits may be achieved. Ryan Ralston, director of risk management at Elevate Captives, has the details.

Showing 61 to 70 of 391 results

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