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Clients’ rights when captive management is sold on

North America08-02-2018Captive, LegislationOwen Faulkner

Each captive manager has different qualities, so when management operations are sold to another firm, captive owners should know their rights and sometimes reassess the arrangement, Andrew Barile, CEO of Andrew Barile Consulting, tells Captive International.

5 reasons captive insurance companies fail

North America17-01-2018Captive, Legislation

Like any other business sector, captives occasionally have to be sold or wound up. Stephanie Mocatta, CEO, and Tom Hodson, general counsel, SOBC Sandell offer five reasons for failure, and suggest some solutions.

Puerto Rico: an emerging captive domicile

Latin America12-01-2018Captive

Puerto Rico is working on its strategy to become the ‘Singapore of the West’, explains David Kirkup, CFO and COO of Captive Alternatives.

Tax reform – what’s next for captives?

North America06-12-2017Captive

US Tax Reform has now passed the Senate. Next steps are to reconcile the House and Senate bills, and then issue the final rules. David Kirkup, CFO and COO at Captive Alternatives, explores what this will mean, if anything, for captive insurance companies in the next year.

Can captives avoid excessive regulation?

North America01-09-2017CaptiveRobert Myers

As the captive market has grown and thrived it has also caught the attention of regulators at all levels. This is something of a double-edged sword for a sector that thrives on innovation, argues Robert Myers of law firm Morris, Manning & Martin.

831(b) blues: the Avrahami aftermath

North America25-08-2017Captive, Legislation, Risk managementOwen Faulkner

One of the most closely watched cases in the captive industry has drawn to a close, and the IRS has scored a win against 831(b)s in the case of Avrahami v Commissioner. Various experts weigh in on what can be taken away from this result.

The implementation of governance standards in Vermont

North America24-05-2017Captive, Legislation

Vermont’s governance standards should be viewed as a tool to help board members meet their fiduciary responsibilities and promote uniformity in regulation, as Sandy Bigglestone, director of captive insurance, and Christine Brown, assistant director of captive insurance at the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, explain.

OECD BEPS: defending the captive case

Europe, Global24-04-2017Captive

Recommendations from the OECD have reversed the burden of proof on the legitimacy of captives, referring to them as potential vehicles for tax avoidance. Captive International speaks with Fabrice Frère, managing director at Aon Risk Solutions, about the onerous task of preparing for a potential BEPS audit which now falls upon captive owners.

Solvency II—is everything done now?

Europe10-01-2017Captive, Risk management

Captives have had plenty of time to prepare for the new requirements under Solvency II, so is it all done and dusted, asks Udo Kappes, chairman of the European Captive Insurance and Reinsurance Owners Association.

Megatrends: a curse or blessing for the captives market?

Europe20-12-2016Captive, Cyber, Legislation, Risk management

In the second of his articles on captives as a 21st century risk management tool Marcus Schmalbach of the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands examines the effects of megatrends on insurance.

Showing 51 to 60 of 139 results

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