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The continuing evolution of captive insurance


International financial centres such as Barbados must develop a niche strategy within the limitations of a new world order requiring more onerous governance and regulation, as Ricardo Knight & Kirk Cyrus of JLT Barbados explain.

Key trends in the use of employee benefits captives

UK28-02-2018Captive, Employee Benefits

There is an increasing appetite from multinationals to explore the benefits that captives bring when reinsuring employee benefits programmes, says Matthias Helmbold, head technical & services, MAXIS Global Benefits Network.

Captives as a profit centre part 3: a platform solution based on blockchain technology


Innovative risk transfer will influence the future of the captive insurer as a business model, as Marcus Schmalbach of BlockART Institute explains.

Captives meet the final frontier

Global13-02-2018Captive, Risk management

Given the many unknowns regarding liability for space tourism, captive insurance should be a tool for all space tourism providers, says Matthew Queen, general counsel & chief compliance officer, Venture Captive Management.

Cayman remains robust despite new US tax rules

Cayman Islands02-02-2018Captive, Health

New tax rules in the US could influence the attraction of forming a captive—but there has been little impact yet on the Cayman Islands, which is enjoying robust growth, as Ruwan Jayasekera, head of the Insurance Supervision Division at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, explains.

5 reasons captive insurance companies fail

North America17-01-2018Captive, Legislation

Like any other business sector, captives occasionally have to be sold or wound up. Stephanie Mocatta, CEO, and Tom Hodson, general counsel, SOBC Sandell offer five reasons for failure, and suggest some solutions.

The future of captives as a profit centre: Part 1


Innovative risk transfer will influence the future of the captive as a business model, as Marcus Schmalbach of BlockART Institute explains.

831(b) – The future of a flawed model

North America27-11-2017Captive

The reputation of 831(b)s has become tarnished, and business owners are considering whether these structures are worth the trouble, explains David Kirkup, COO and CFO at Captive Alternatives.

Think and analyse, not plug and play

North America02-10-2017Captive, Ratings

Disruption knows no boundaries—even rating agencies are not immune as a better way to assess risk emerges, says Tina Bukow of Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

New ideas and new captives in Vermont

North America21-08-2017CaptiveOwen Faulkner

The increasingly complex needs of companies is driving demand for captives, especially now as more innovative structures enter the fray. Captive International reported live from the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) on the changing industry landscape full of new risks and new solutions.

Showing 21 to 30 of 50 results

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