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The effects of international regulation

Cayman Islands18-12-2019

Cayman is a well-regulated and effective domicile yet, like other offshore domiciles, it has become the target of various international bodies that wish to impose their own regulatory ideas. Artex’s Kevin Poole examines the recent rules and legislative changes that have been made in response.

Keep your captive options open: rent rather than own

North America05-11-2019Captive

A rent-a-captive is a simple, convenient and inexpensive way for insureds to enjoy the benefits of a captive insurance structure for their desired self-insurance needs, with less of the hassle that goes with setting the structure up, says Martin Hughes of Artex Risk Solutions.

831(b) ‘conspiracy’ bigger than Artex and Gallagher: LFDS lawyer

North America28-01-2019LegislationOwen Faulkner

The Arizona-based lawsuit Shivkov v Artex Risk Solutions is being followed with great interest by the captive insurance industry, perhaps with good reason. One of the lead lawyers involved in the case now claims the alleged conspiracy is larger than it seems. He explained why to Captive International.

Shivkov v Artex and more 831(b) blues

North America17-12-2018CaptiveMatthew Queen

Captive managers and promoters including Gallagher and Artex have come under fire for allegedly conspiring to sell and manage illegal tax shelter captive insurance strategies. Matthew Queen, general counsel & chief compliance officer at Venture Captive Management, provides some insight into the lawsuit.

Strength in numbers: a snapshot into Cayman's group captives

Cayman Islands28-11-2018CaptiveOwen Faulkner

Many group captive programmes have experienced growth—especially in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Captive takes a snapshot of this growing sector.

Healthcare and beyond in Cayman

Cayman Islands28-11-2018CaptiveOwen Faulkner

Cayman is continuing to establish itself as the leading jurisdiction on healthcare, but there are other growth areas to watch. Cayman Captive investigates.

Taking care of the workers

Cayman Islands, North America14-12-2016Captive, Health, Legislation, Risk management

Healthcare captives play an increasingly large role in the global captives market. Cayman Captive takes a look at recent developments.

Using captives to manage cyber risks

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Europe14-12-2016Captive, Health, Legislation, Risk management

The threat of cyber crime is greater than ever for corporates around the world, and it may surprise some to discover that this complex and rapidly changing risk is starting to find its way into some captives. Cayman Captive explores the logic of such a move.

Living in a neighbour’s shadow

Cayman Islands, North America14-12-2016Captive, Legislation, Risk management

How much of a threat does the US pose to Cayman’s captives market? Cayman Captive investigates.

The benefits of pooling workers’ comp risks

North America05-08-2016Captive, Risk management

While the concept of using a captive solution to pool and better manage exposure to workers’ compensation risks is nothing new, only in recent years has this solution been made available to smaller and medium-sized corporates, as Karl Huish and TJ Scherer from Artex tell US Captive.

Showing 1 to 10 of 14 results

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