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Leveraging a captive for ERM efficiency

North America23-03-2021

Enterprise risk management is how businesses overcome the human limitations of their management teams when it comes to thinking about the future. Too many businesses treat it as a box-ticking exercise, but a captive can make such a programme more effective, says Randall Davis of Delphi Risk Management.

CaptiV, the data ecosystem helping small companies manage rising medical costs

North America22-03-2021Health

CaptiV is the next generation of medical stop loss group captives, using advanced data analytics and a more customer-centric approach to help smaller businesses manage their spiralling healthcare costs. With COVID-19 creating a huge backlog of treatments, CaptiV’s creator says there has never been a better time to join such a captive.

Tennessee: providing certainty in uncertain times

North America15-03-2021

Captive International caught up with Belinda Fortman, director of the captive insurance section at the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, to ask what is special about Tennessee, which has referred to its captive offering as “the gold standard of the south”.

Why many corporates are turning to cell captives as an alternative to traditional single parent solutions: Barclays [video]

Global11-03-2021Incorporated Cell Companies

An interview with Hafi Ali, market director at Barclays.

Tax considerations for captives owners in foreign jurisdictions

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean, North America09-03-2021

When starting a captive insurance company in a foreign jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands or Bermuda, many prospective captive owners may be excited about the potential tax benefits. However, these tax benefits should never be a primary reason to form a captive, says Daniel Greaves of Grant Thornton.

Captives in Europe: playing catch-up


The hardening of the market happened more quickly in the US than it did in Europe, says Aon’s Vince Barrett. Now, with the impact being felt very keenly by European businesses, Europe can expect to see a significant increase in its captives population. Captive International reports.

Risk management and captives

North America17-02-2021

Good risk management is crucial to the operation of any business, and captive insurance companies are excellent vehicles for effective risk management, says John Talley of the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance.

Playing the odds: Bull vs Bear markets

North America09-02-2021

Oppenheimer’s Jack Meskunas examines the history of Bear and Bull markets in the US and explains why, over the long term, it has historically paid to be bullish as an investor.

Captives by numbers

North America03-02-2021

Estimations of the number of captives that exist globally vary, and a closer look at the numbers reveals some peculiar trends, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

Liability insurance can raise policing standards, says captive

North America18-01-2021

Prymus Insurance has developed a liability insurance product specifically for police officers that, it claims, can raise policing standards by rewarding good behaviour with lower premiums, while pricing out those who are repeatedly fined for poor behaviour. Captive International reports.

Showing 41 to 50 of 806 results

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