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Labuan IBFC: The fastest growing captive centre in Asia


Labuan saw more captives set up in the first six months of 2020 than in the whole of 2019. Here, Labuan IBFC outlines why it has been so successful.

Understanding captive feasibility studies


A feasibility study is an opportunity for a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative assessment of a client’s needs, and an investigation into whether a captive is the best way of serving those needs, says Bruce Whitmore of Willis Towers Watson.

Captive International names the winners of the Captive International Cayman Awards

Cayman Islands08-12-2020

Captive International has named the winners of the Captive International Cayman Awards, which recognise the best-in-class providers across the full spectrum of disciplines active in the captive insurance field. They are based on feedback received from the captives industry, and in particular from readers of Captive International.

Including employee benefits in a captive after the pandemic


Captive insurance companies have long provided their parents with a means to effectively underwrite a host of property and casualty risks, and have demonstrated their value in protecting financial and human capital during times of uncertainty, says Lorraine Stack of Marsh Captive Solutions.

Insurers need to spend more time with risk managers, and think about captives


The current hardening insurance market is driving greater interest in self-insurance via a captive and leading to a cooling of relations between companies and their insurers. AMRAE president Oliver Wild told Captive International sister publication Intelligent Insurer why insurers need to have a rethink—and talk to risk managers.

Banking on your captive


In the first in a new series of video interviews with key individuals in the captive insurance industry, Captive International spoke to James Larkin, head of business development for captive insurance at Barclays.

The wisdom of crowds and group captives


Evidence of the wisdom of crowds is all around us, from Google searches to market prices. The same principle is at work with group captives, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network in the fourth and final piece in a series on the future of work.

Challenges and opportunities for captive insurance in Mexico

Latin America17-11-2020

Mexico’s use of captives is increasing despite the lack of specific captive insurance legislation, and new laws may be not far off, say Thomas Morante and Yani Contreras of Carlton Fields.

South Africa’s draft conduct standard for third-party cell captives: ironing out the details


Christine Hougaard and Matthew Dunn of Cenfri, and Ernie van der Vyver from Clyde & Co examine the lessons that can be learned from South Africa’s cell captive regulatory journey.

A call to action for captives

Global30-10-2020Employee Benefits

Businesses are seeing costs escalate, not least in the form of rising medical costs. Using a captive as a centralised risk management tool for employee benefits can help reduce these costs by enabling a comprehensive approach to global risk financing, say Aon’s Aidan Kelly and Vaibhavi Patel.

Showing 41 to 50 of 788 results

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