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Cayman's enriching Islands


The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism explains why for business or pleasure, the Cayman Islands is a worthwhile experience.

Analytics: the healthy option in the medical arena

30-11-2010Mary Chmielowiec and Barry Fogel

PointRight’s increasingly sophisticated use of analytics in the medical arena ensures that care establishments are protected in any emergency.

Segregated accounts or pooled vehicles: the choice is yours

30-11-2010Louise Twiss West

Louise Twiss West and Claudio Lede ask the all important question. Segregated accounts or pooled vehicles: which is better for medium-sized captives?

The industry coming up for air


Uncertainty surrounding the industry demanded caution last year, but there is now a palpable sense of cautious optimism.

The power of advocacy (NRRA)

30-11-2009Robert H. Myers

The National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) has been the voice of the risk retention and purchasing group industry for more than two decades. Robert H. Myers recalls some of its biggest successes.

831(b) companies: electing to succeed

30-11-2009Charles J. Lavelle

Organising a small property and casualty insurance company with section 831(b) tax treatment—a 831(b) company—can be a powerful solution to a closely held business’s insurance needs, says Charles J. Lavelle.

Advantage collateral

30-11-2009Robert Quinn

With LOC prices still going up, it is time to do something about it, says Robert Quinn.

Under review-- the benefits of strategic review

30-11-2009Michael Serricchio

It’s a good practice every now and then to fine-tune complex structures. The US captive industry is no different. Only this time, the tool used is the strategic review, says Michael Serricchio.

Considering redomiciling your captive?

30-11-2009Derek Lloyd

Derek Lloyd looks at the factors you need to consider when evaluating whether or not to redomicile your captive, and the practicalities involved if you decide to proceed further.

Vermont: setting the gold standard


Vermont has steadily risen up the rankings as an attractive domicile for captive insurers. Dan Towle believes the reason why is clear—security, stability and service.

Showing 641 to 650 of 697 results

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