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Stocks are not all created equal

North America15-10-2020

Investing in an index implies a high degree of diversification, but in fact weighting by market capitalisation means indexes such as the S&P 500 are dominated by their largest stocks, to a quite surprising degree, as Jack Meskunas of Oppenheimer explains.

Exposing supply chain risk and boosting captives: COVID-19’s impact on risk managers


FERMA board member Laurent Nihoul has seen supply chain risk management tested by COVID-19 and as captives become a more attractive option in response to the hardening market, he told Intelligent Insurer, Captive International’s sister publication, why the regulations governing them should be proportional to their size.

How captives enable emerging technologies


Ride-hailing apps changed the taxi industry; streaming services changed the music industry; food-delivery apps changed how we eat. These shifts have had a profound impact on the ways businesses use insurance, which has created opportunities for captives, says Marsh’s Alexandra Gedge.

Captive International announces the winners of its inaugural US Captive Awards

North America05-10-2020Captive

Captive International is proud to name the winners of its inaugural US Captive Awards, recognising the best in class providers across the full spectrum of disciplines active in the captive insurance industry.

Captives offer businesses a route into the world of parametric insurance

North America23-09-2020

Parametric insurance is generating a lot of attention as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional forms of insurance. Captives offer a good way for companies to access this type of insurance, says Sigma’s Lori Ussery.

The global response to crisis: Groundhog Day or engineering for change?


After a major crisis such as COVID-19 or Hurricane Katrina there are always assurances that lessons have been learned. This time the insurance industry really needs to change, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

GAO report on abusive tax schemes perpetuates misunderstandings of captives

North America14-09-2020

A GAO report was intended to shed some light the use of captives as abusive tax shelters. Instead it only risks perpetuating misunderstandings, says Bradley’s Davis Smith.

A joined-up approach to banking: how Barclays is supporting the captives sector


Barclays Corporate Banking is the platinum sponsor of this year’s Bermuda Captive Conference. Ahead of the event, Captive International sat down with James Morris, head of UK insurance and captive banking, to discuss how Barclays is supporting the sector.

Economic Substance compliance: what captives boards need to know


Bermuda’s Economic Substance legislation has now come into force. Strategic Risk Solutions’ Richard Daley outlines what captives boards should be thinking about to ensure they remain compliant.

Insurtech developments and their applicability to captives


Captive insurers participate in the largest and most complex multinational insurance programmes, but often lack the operational resources and technology typically found at commercial insurers to support compliance and programme management, says Daniela Dinkova at Sovos.

Showing 71 to 80 of 806 results

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