CICA partners with Butler University amid looming talent crisis


The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) has formed a professional development partnership with the Davey Risk Management & Insurance Program at Butler University.

The partnership is aimed at showing students the variety of career opportunities in captive insurance while giving captive leaders insights into how to make captive careers appealing to young professionals.

"We know our industry is facing a looming talent crisis as more insurance professionals retire in the next few years. We need to think creatively about how to help our industry leaders connect with and engage top talent. Our partnership with Butler provides a great opportunity to do this," said Dan Towle, president of CICA.

CICA will sponsor several Butler students to participate in the 2018 CICA International Conference where they can learn from and network with a wide range of industry leaders while conference participants get to learn from the students and their professor, Zach Finn, in a session, "Using Captives & Experiential Learning to Recruit & Train Millennials."

Butler will also feature CICA industry leaders as guest speakers in their risk management programme.

Zach Finn, clinical professor and director of the Davey Risk Management & Insurance Program at Butler University, added: "CICA and Butler's Risk Management & Insurance Program share the goal of giving students and young adults exposure to industry opportunities. By providing Butler students with attendance to the annual CICA Conference, we're partnering to fulfil this goal in granting access to captive experts, future employment opportunities, and inspiration around captive risk management careers. We are thrilled to be working with CICA on furthering this mission.”

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