CTCIA announces new board member


CTCIA announces new board member

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The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association (CTCIA) has appointed Paul Hyl to its board.

Hyle is an attorney and both president of captive manager Private Insurance Management and partner of Hyle Conte Law, a full-service trusts and estates and elder law firm. He’s also an adjunct associate professor of Molloy College, a private Catholic university in Rockville Centre, New York.

“Paul’s outstanding legal and insurance expertise has greatly contributed to Connecticut’s captive growth over the past few years. We look forward to working with Paul in continuance of our efforts to make Connecticut a top captive domicile,” the CTCIA said in a statement.

Hyle has worked in a range of law firms over 25 years, starting his career as a law clerk at Bee, Eisman & Ready, and then serving as a counsel for the Nassau County Public Administrator with Brosnan & Hegler. He was also with Dowling College on Long Island for six years as an advisory board member and then associate adjunct professor.

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