New hire for captive manager BevCap


New hire for captive manager BevCap

Lindsey Leduc, VP for HatterasRe, BevCap Management

BevCap Management, the Texas-based program manager for several captives and national guaranteed cost programs, has appointed Lindsey LeDuc as vice-president for HatterasRe operations.

LeDuc will oversee the client experience in HatterasRe, BevCap's North Carolina-domiciled healthcare medical stop-loss captive launched early last year.

She brings two decades’ experience in healthcare self-funding through captives and related employee benefits. She joins from IMA Financial Group, where she was specialty health practice leader with responsibility for healthcare innovation, best practices and cost containment strategies.

BevCap oversees group captive programs for the beverage distribution, dairy and food processing and automotive services industries, as well as for the National Beer Wholesalers Association. 

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