Seeking the best on Bermuda: Captive International to publish awards results in June


Seeking the best on Bermuda: Captive International to publish awards results in June


Captive International will publish the results of the first captive insurance awards for Bermuda before the Bermuda Captive Conference in June 2020.

Bermuda is the oldest and largest domicile for captive insurance in the world. Captive International wanted to recognise the important role the island plays within the industry, and establish its leading service providers. Awards will be divided into various categories covering all facets of the captives industry, from actuarial and legal to reinsurance and fronting services. 

Captive International is contacting a range of professionals involved in the industry to canvass their opinions, and initially invited contacts on its database to vote, asking them to nominate companies and individuals they believe provide excellent service on the island. The awards will be given to those companies and individuals that receive the most votes from their peers. 

Captive International will audit the responses to ensure their validity, but will otherwise not seek to influence the outcome of the results. The awards will be independent, and will not be sponsored, to guarantee that independence. 

Captive International’s Bermuda Awards will mirror the Cayman Awards which it published in November 2019. Click HERE to see the Cayman Awards Winners

A link to the voting form can be found here. Captive International welcomes the views of its readers and encourages anyone involved in the Bermuda captives market to participate. 

Captive International’s Bermuda Awards

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