VCIA selects Intrado platform to host annual conference in August


VCIA selects Intrado platform to host annual conference in August

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) will use the virtual platform Intrado to host its annual conference in August. 

VCIA said it selected Virtual tech in large part due to the high quality of its virtual exhibit hall and booths. Booths are interactive, allowing delegates to chat and ask questions, as well as browsing virtual products and saving them to their own devices. 

The VCIA event will be the first captive gathering following the COVID-19 shutdown. Richard Smith, president of the VCIA, said he was excited to be hosting the captive industry’s first fully digital conference, predicting it will offer delegates a wider range of experiences than ever before. VCIA plans to offer a selection of both pre-recorded and live presentations, with areas where delegates can arrange meetings and ask questions. 

The virtual conference format offers sponsors better opportunities to track who has engaged with booths than are possible with physical stands, noted Smith. “This could be the future of trade shows,” he said. “It is really value creative for exhibitors, it offers more refined data and because people do not have to physically travel we could see more people attending than in previous years.”

For all VCIA’s excitement about the upcoming event, Smith doubts the virtual model will replace the annual physical gathering in Burlington, once travel and gathering restrictions are lifted. 

“I think people will always like physical interaction, but a hybrid model, with a physical gathering with an enhanced digital component, is the future,” he said. The digital conference model could also enable VCIA to increase the number of roadshows it hosts, he added.

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