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US Awards 2021

The Captive International US Awards, commemorate the efforts and achievements of the most exceptional domiciles and service providers in the US captive insurance industry in 2020. 

There were separate awards for companies and individuals, to ensure the efforts of outstanding professionals working at smaller or less well resourced firms received the recognition they deserved. 


US Focus 2021

It has been another remarkable year for the US captive insurance industry, and we are proud to present the latest issue of US Focus, an issue that is packed full of interesting contributions and which, we hope, does justice to the many fascinating developments that are currently taking place in the captives industry, in particular in the US market.

There is clearly a buzz around the industry right now and there are many good reasons for that. The market continues to harden, with prices increasing across many lines, and coverage still difficult to get on attractive terms, in some instances, in the commercial market.


Bermuda Focus 2021

Bermuda remains the default choice for many of the largest companies in the world looking to set up their own captive. Its regulator and rules are well known and trusted, and the infrastructure supporting the industry is second to none. It is the global centre for insurance linked securities, which are being used in increasingly diverse and interesting ways, including by a growing number of captives.

When a business has a complex or unusual risk to insure, for which coverage is unavailable in the commercial market, Bermuda is the obvious place to turn, while Bermuda Focus is the obvious place to read about it.


Europe Focus 2021

In this issue we examine the tax and regulatory developments in Europe, and what considerations prospective captive owners need to keep in mind when thinking about where to launch a new captive. We speak to the European Captive Insurance and Reinsurance Owners Association about the prospects for captives in Europe, and the factors companies need to think about to ensure the effort that goes into launching a captive pays off.


Cayman Focus 2021

In this issue we examine how Cayman's captive insurance industry has adjusted to life in the era of COVID-19. As always the issue includes contributions from the Premier, the Finance Minister, CIMA and Cayman International Insurance. We also feature contributions from some of the best known names in the industry, including Artex, EY, RSM and Willis Towers Watson.

PLUS, we reveal the results of the second Cayman Awards, which recognises the achievements of some of the most reputable institutions and individuals in Cayman's captive insurance industry.




US Focus 2020

This issue reports on the increasingly vibrant US legacy market, where captives are divesting themselves of older liabilities to focus on new opportunities. It also looks at how captives have helped their parent companies survive the pandemic by providing much-needed liquidity during economic lock-downs, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare captives. We also report on the latest developments with microcaptives, and how some believe they could be the perfect vehicles for writing pandemic coverage, despite increasing pressure from the IRS.

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