26 June 2015Cayman analysis

Cayman Captive Forum unveils keynote speaker

Cayman Captive Forum has unveiled Jason Dorsey as the keynote speaker for its 2015 forum.

Dorsey, who wrote his first best-selling book at 18, is now the chief strategy officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. The center conducts research for companies all around the world, solving the challenges of an inter-generational workforce, how to design new products and how to communicate with a new generation of buyers and influencers.

He will approach his topic, ‘Crossing the Generational Divide’, from a healthcare perspective, which should appeal to the significant number of attendees who represent healthcare captives at the conference.

Erin Brosnihan, forum chair, said: Generations have often had troubles relating to each other and understanding each other’s cultures. This divide is something that is apparent in many organisations and Jason’s entertaining, passionate style is sure to bring the humourous side of this to light, along with some practical tips for dealing with it.”