20 January 2012EMEA analysis

Moody’s launches Solvency II compliance tool

Moody’s Analytics announced last week that it will be launching a follow-up to its Solvency II compliance software Fermat Solvency II. The new tool, called RiskIntegrity, will help risk professionals: “calculate, consolidate and report on an organisation’s insurance portfolio, including life, non-life, operational, health and credit default risk. According to Moody’s, RiskIntegrity offers improved process management capabilities and increased automation by embedding the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority’s latest suite of qualitative reporting templates.

"Solvency II is challenging the ability of insurers in Europe and globally to assess their current data, analytics and reporting infrastructure," said Christophe Burckbuchler, senior director for Solvency II solutions at Moody's Analytics. "From sourcing and consolidating the data, to creating and delivering regulatory reports on time, insurers are under ever-growing pressure to comply. Building on our existing Solvency II capabilities, RiskIntegrity offers a user-friendly solution that will help meet these challenges while delivering streamlined processes and greater risk insight."