18 July 2022USA analysis

Captive International extends US Awards deadline

Due to public demand, we've decided to extend the deadline for voting for Captive International’s US Awards for a further week.

The voting will now close on Sunday 24th July, at 5pm PST.

We've had to change the deadline because we have been inundated with responses and participants calling us asking us to extend the awards nomination period.

As a result of the influx of new votes several categories are now very tight and their votes could make the difference.

So if you haven't already, please cast your vote in our 4th Annual Captive International US Awards 2022.

This is your chance to nominate the firms and individuals you’d like to see recognised this year! And by taking part in this process, you can opt to automatically receive a summary of the results, which will be published in the final quarter of the year in our special edition: Captive international US Awards issue.