28 February 2024news

Vermont captive roadshow comes home

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association will hold its latest roadshow on Wednesday, March 27 from 1-5:30pm, at the Hilton Burlington in Burlington, Vermont.   

According to the VCIA, the roadshow is returning to Vermont by popular demand after visiting several other locations in recent years.

The roadshow is primarily about the strategic advantages of captives, with attendees hearing from speakers on the fundamentals of captive insurance companies: why they form, feasibility process, and ways to meet the challenges in creating a healthy captive programme.

Executives from three companies that created their own captives will speak on their own experiences in captives, with other speakers including Kevin Mead, the president of the VCIA, Christine Brown, the director of captive insurance at the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) and Sandy Bigglestone, the deputy commissioner of captive insurance at the Vermont DFR.

For more information contact the VCIA.

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