2 May 2017Analysis

Bermuda Captive Conference raises profile at RIMS

The Bermuda Captive Conference capitalised on the recent Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Philadelphia to build interest and boost registrations leading towards its September 11-13 event.

The Bermuda conference, which was shifted from its regular calendar slot in June to this autumn due to the America's Cup, was at RIMS to encourage new registrations and raise awareness among many of the estimated 10,000 delegates attending the major risk industry event.

"In a year when we are highlighting the innovation Bermuda brings to the global captive market, we expanded our footprint at RIMS 2017 in conjunction with the BDA," said conference chair David Gibbons.

"We have always welcomed a lot of registrations and interest at RIMS," he said, "but this year, we decided to ramp up our outreach, and we're confident this will help attendee numbers in September surpass our 2016 record."

The 2017 Bermuda Captive Conference will highlight the topic of "Innovation": how captive insurers respond to changes in their business and the environment in which they operate.

Some of the sessions on the agenda include: new insurance solutions: technology and cyber, ILS, incorporated cells, new insurance products and solutions, life insurance; technology advances and developments: data management and storage, IT security, self-driving cars, intelligent robots; medical and healthcare: impact of new research and medical developments and advances, cost and benefit impacts, effect of changes to working lives and longer lifespans; climate change: the impact on risk and insurance needs, insurer and reinsurer responses to changes and finally political, regulatory, economic and social change, and the challenges each create.

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