5 May 2017Analysis

Bermuda introduces risk directory for re/insurers, ILS and captives

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) has introduced a digital portal which connects insurance customers internationally with Bermuda’s risk coverage market, offering access to the island’s brokers, re/insurance, captives, and ILS sectors.

The site leverages commissioned market research by Deloitte, and the BDA says it represents a contemporary relaunch of a former Bermuda market solutions website and booklet.

"We're excited to launch this intuitive, robust digital platform to underscore the capacity and innovation across our insurance and reinsurance market," said BDA Business Development Manager Jereme Ramsay. "Building on the core principles of its predecessor, this website's advanced search mechanism, navigation and mobile optimisation are designed to help drive new business to our world-respected jurisdiction.

Brad Kading, president and executive director of ABIR, added: "All in one place you can find which Bermuda carriers offer which products. It's a thriving market, one of the world's top three, and this is the best way to figure out which carriers can best serve your needs."

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