12 June 2019Analysis

Captive industry needs space to produce better ideas, says keynote speaker

People need to be given space in order to come up with “more, better ideas”, which can be said for the captive insurance industry, according to the keynote speaker on day two of the Bermuda Captive Conference.

Tripp Crosby, most widely known as the director and taller half of Tripp and Tyler, a world famous YouTube sketch comedy duo whose video shorts have amassed more than 60 million views, told delegates: “My goal is to convince you to have more, better ideas and to do that you need space.”

He added: “I am really passionate about coming up with ideas and helping people to come up with ideas.

“All of us should be expanding and improving what we do. Companies live and die on their ability to innovate. You already do something that can be improved upon, every industry needs more, better ideas.

“How do we have more, better ideas? We create space. Space to discover, space to fail and space to collaborate.

“Most of the successes in my life  career are a result of taking a break. I would not have the career I have had if I had not given myself space to discover.

“It is very hard to pause but to have more, better ideas you have to try to do less and reflect more. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop looking at it. Creative work requires us to pause and reflect.

“There are simple, practical ideas to create some space – write a journal every day, something called Morning Pages.” He said write anything  but write something every morning. “You would be amazed this opens up your brain.”

On space to collaborate, he said he tended to dominate discussions and steamrollered meetings. “The problem was that I did not know that I was doing these things. I had to accept a painful truth.

“How do we give other people space? We use the principal of ‘yes, and ..’” He said you take an idea on board and do not judge it.

“You take these ideas and then find a way to build on them. A crazy idea that will never work might be the one that inspires the brilliant idea that does inspire.”