15 June 2023Analysis

Cayman Captive Forum releases registration briefing

The Cayman Captive Forum has announced the details of how prospective attendees will be able to register for the 2023 annual event in November.

On Tuesday June 20th the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) will email the registration link and registration code to be used for registration. IMAC Members who are captive owners will gain access to the Ritz-Carlton hotel link upon completion of the registration process. All other full delegates will gain access to a listing of other available accommodation upon completion of the registration process.

The day after, on Wednesday June 21st, registration will open at 9:00am (GMT-5 or Cayman Time) for all prospective attendees. All IMAC members will need the registration code and their IMAC Membership Number.

Non-IMAC members will not require a code or membership number.