23 February 2023Analysis

CICA to feature parametric risk transfer panel & dinner event

This year’s CICA conference will feature a specialist panel on parametric risk transfer, followed by a post-panel dinner for attendees who wish to further discuss this topic.

The panel will run on the second day of the Conference, and will be titled: “Parametric Risk Transfer - Alternative Capital for the Captive Industry.”

According to the conference schedule the panel will discuss alternative risk financing opportunities for captives and how these are mapped in regulatory and technical terms with focus on emerging & systemic risks. The panellists will include Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, chief executive, RYSKEX, Emmanuel Modu, managing director, the ILS Group and Nils Ossenbrink, managing partner, Twelve Capital.

“I am very happy to be part of the panel, although our examples are rather sad,” Schmalbach told Captive International. “Especially as climate change is responsible for the boom in the insurance-linked security premium landscape. Positive in terms of market development, negative when you look at global environmental development."

Accordingly, Schmalbach got together with his panel partner Ossenbrink and considered what could underline the panel’s message. “I am in regular exchange with Nils and I came up with the idea of a post panel come together and to invite the audience to dinner in the evening and to further explore the topic of Parametric Risk Transfer,” Schmalbach explained. “The special feature: it will be vegan. Meat consumption is one of the biggest climate killers and we want to make a small statement with this evening.”

“Marcus approached me with the idea and I was immediately convinced,” said Ossenbrink. “Of course, we are looking forward to the exchange of views about conference topics like alternative capital, ILS solutions and so on, but the ideas to go out for a delicious vegan meal certainly rounds off the evening positively.”

If you are attending the 2023 CICA Conference and would like to join the vegan networking event, please send a short email to: