23 February 2023Analysis

MSL Captive Solutions creates captive seminars

MSL Captive Solutions is holding a series of short seminars on technical aspects of the captive market.

On his LinkedIn page Phillip Giles, managing director at MSL Captive Solutions, said: “In our 60-Second Seminar Series, MSL Captive Solutions will periodically highlight a particular technical topic and seek to break down the complexities associated with medical stop-loss captives into a more easily understood (60-second) explanation.”

The latest seminar covers the issue of no new laser and rate cap provisions in group captives.

According to the company: “No New Laser (NNL) and Rate Cap Provisions are occasionally requested in traditional stop-loss contracts as well as being offered by some group stop-loss captives. However, the assumption of known ongoing large claim liability within a captive can be perilous for a captive program. This is especially difficult for a smaller group captive program that does not have a large, established, or stable premium base that can adequately absorb and spread this type of risk.”

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